Over the weekend of June 2nd, Eurofins IT security monitoring teams detected a form of ransomware which caused disruption to some of its IT systems. Upon detection of the issue, according to our incident management procedures, many systems and servers were taken off line by the group’s IT teams to contain the activity of this new version of malware. According to current investigations, there is no reason to believe that there has been third party access to or misuse of any data.

Together with our external and internal IT security and operations experts, we are working hard to return all our IT operations to normal, however as of today, we are still experiencing disruption to some of our IT systems, our ecommerce platform being one of them.

We apologize again for this situation. We are doing everything we can to quickly resolve this incident and to resume the high level of service that you expect from us. For any service requests or inquiries, please contact us at EPDSclientservices@eurofins.com.

Additional information can be found in this press release and on our FAQ page.